Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Who is Infu?

Toronto's very own talented emcee Infu gave me the chance to speak with him and it was a very pleasentful conversation. Let me tell you who Infu is and the things he had to say.

Who is Infu?

Infu which comes from my last name (Infusino) is the product of two years of grinding in the music game. Being from Toronto was thought to be a disadvantage for a long time in the hip hop world, but as we near our pinnacle I'm feeling more excited than ever. Although I'm only 24 years old I feel as if I have an "old man mind" and that reflects in my music. I focus on lyricism and substance in my music, more of a classic emcee rather than a trendy rapper. I've seen both sides of the coin in such a short time; being a Canadian rapper is judged upon enough, imagine being a white - Canadian rapper. The whole racial thing exists but at the end of the day people respect and appreciate talent, so if you bring it no matter what your complexion is, people will feel you. Now that I've had some successful mix tapes and sold out a few shows I feel we’re beginning to generate a buzz which is only expanding.

Are there any projects you are currently working on?

Right now I'm currently working on new music daily with my cousin and Producer/Engineer Zanets. We're in the studio everyday just banking tracks trying to find the wave for the next project. We know where we want to go with it, we just need to decide how we want to get there. 
As far as performances I'm actually hosting Tattoo Rock Parlour on Thursday April 5th (Tomorrow). Right after that show I'm off to New York on April 10 with Zanets to take care of some business, I can't really get into it, but I will say its music related. I'll be doing a meet and greet in NY as well. Later on in the summer I'll also be opening up for Kid Ink on June 24 at The Opera House. I’m sure a couple more; regardless you'll be hearing a lot from me.

What success have you seen on previous works and projects?

My first release was called Swine Fu and was dropped in 2010. It was a sold out jam and a lot of big people came out to support the movement. My second mixtape in 2011 called Big Fuzie did much of the same. Another sold out release party and heavily played mixtape release. Features on the tapes include: Saukrates, Rich Kidd, Mayhem Morearty, Jonny Roxx, etc... many of which I have gotten to perform with. I've also had guests like Page and P Reign at my mixtape release parties and gotten to connect with some heavy people in the industry through shows and events. (Redman, French Montana, Cory Gunz, etc.)

What is your main goal as an up and coming artist here in Toronto?
What am I looking for?
I'm always looking to move forward in my career and progress as an artist but I make sure to always stick to my goal and create good music. Whether that lands me a record deal or in a liquor store parking lot, I just want to make good music. I've worked with the majority of the artists I want to work with in Toronto, but I want to move forward and branch beyond our border.  Who knows bruh? That's a good question... I just want distribution support, I mean we make our own music, have our own studio, in-house beats, engineer, video, we just need distribution and marketing. Whoever can facilitate that... I'm willing to at least talk to.

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It’s been a pleasure sharing music of Toronto with you. Stay tuned for more blog post.

By the name of Toronto: Urban Music.

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