Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Who is Mars Paris?

Who is Mars Paris? He is one of the hardest working and dedicated artists that we’ve been exposed to in a while. Music seems to be more than just life to Mars. Currently working on his mixtape “G.O.L.D.” and recording track after track we have finally gotten a hold of his newest release, “It’s Only Right” (Produced by Bassik) Working hard and grinding is key for this young artist and we can’t wait to see what he has to bring to the table when he drops his mixtape. Mars Paris is also featured on the second single off of I.Q’s mixtape “10 Seconds” on track called “Marty McFly” which is going to be released in a few weeks which is guaranteed to be buzz worthy. So tune in and get the radios on blast as you’ll be hearing a lot more from Mars Paris.


It’s been a pleasure sharing music of Toronto with you. Stay tuned for more blog post.

By the name of Toronto: Urban Music.

Courtesy of The Maze

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