Monday, 30 January 2012

Honey Who???

Honey Cocaine that's who. I had the pleasure of meeting the young female rap artist at the down-town Toronto night club XS on Saturday Jan 28th. The female rap artist caught the attention of Young Money's own Tyga and has elevated her fan base as well as her position in the music industry. My brief meet with Honey allowed me to learn that she's on to big things touring and doing shows paying in the range of appropriately $10000. In fact, she even told me about her $30000 Rolex she had recently purchased.

I'm not 100% sure where she is from in terms of growing up, but Honey is certainly known in the city of Toronto in fact, we have mutual friends. She's defiantly a cool girl and young still, I believe 18 or 19, I'd say she's got a whole lot of potential and is ready to give the people what they came for.

As a female  rap artist, its already hard enough to get in to the industry, but to add that she is from Toronto, Canada, clearly she's got some talent. Looks like Toronto's got some talented young artist, that's for sure. And if anything else should be added, I'd say Honey Cocaine  is gonna pop off, she's got a lot of potential. So be sure to watch her closely and listen to her music, especially if you're for Toronto.

Check out Honey Cocaine in action in Heisman by Tyga ft Honey Cocaine and her own song Feel shit.

It's been a pleasure sharing music of Toronto with you. Stay tuned for more blog posts.

Monday, 23 January 2012


The artist here in Toronto are definitely striving for recognition from their audience. One of the more persistent demonstrators would be lefty aka Leff Rakk. Known for his rugged raspy delivery and real to life lyrics, lefty has been making his name and spelling it out in city of Toronto. Track after track dropping, mix-tapes after mix-tapes knocking at the doors of listeners and capturing there attention. Recently Leff Rakk has been working close like with his younger brother "Manage" and showing him the ropes. Although Manage is younger than Lefty, being the protege does not mean that he is at all novice. Manage brings his A game to each track he records and is always on his grind. Be on the look out for Manage as he works on his up coming mix-tape.  

Have a look at the two in action on Leff Rakk's newly released song featuring Manage; Too Late (No Love)

It's been a pleasure sharing music of Toronto with you. stay tuned for more blog posts.

By the name of Toronto: Urban Music.