Thursday, 5 April 2012

Who is TechRymes?

I was given the opportunity to speak with Toronto's own talented upcoming rap artist TechRymes and he had some humble words to share. Allow me to tell you who TechRymes is and share with you what he had to say.

Who is TechRymes?
I'm just a positive person and pretty much an open book. I keep it 100 with people and what you see is what you get. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria but I have lived in Dallas, Fort Worth, Ottawa, Toronto and currently reside in Brampton. I started rapping to imitate Canadian voices and get rid of my accent but I've carried on because I feel I have a good mantra that needs to be heard by the youth to emphasize being yourself and not following other people. As an artist, I try to push real life themes into my songs but I still have the fun tracks as well. I speak about being a leader in the song "Anarchy Republic" and I address the pessimists on my song "You Mad", I digress from the swag bullshit because it’s all materialistic and isn't worth much. I got the name TechRymes from people saying my rhymes were really technical and perplex back in the days so I ran with it. As of now I am focused on completing my undergraduate degree before I make any deep moves with music because music will always be here, I will always have my talent but education is now.

Are there any projects you are currently working on? 

I'm currently working on my next mixtape 'Going Hard Boulevard". It is a mixtape filled with bangers and hot songs that you can ride too and go hard with haha. I've also completed a mixtape with my group called "Infinity & Beyond" and this music is out of this world we all bring different things to the table.

What success have you seen on previous works and projects? 

My first official mixtape "Time For Elevation" garnered over 20K downloads so I'm pretty amped about that. I haven't checked up on it in a bit but it's on my website. Also, I got the opportunity to work with one of my favorite artists Freck Billionaire from Street Fam. We should have more work coming for the people and they know to expect bars! Currently I am now part of his group "CBL Stars". I was also part of a three man collective called Bermuda Triangle  with Suspect & D-Pryde we had a couple bangers and a slew of collaborations that you can find sporadically over the internet.

What is your main goal as an up and coming artist here inToronto?

My main goal is not to be signed to a record deal, but rather to own a label ora company that produces music for charity and corporations... and this goal will be accomplished, as I have already started assembling a team. So look out for me and my squad Infinity Fam as we change the dynamics of this music industry and keep going hard. Hit me up on twitter @techrymes or on my website

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It’s been a pleasure sharing music of Toronto with you. Stay tuned for more blog posts.

Bythe name of Toronto: Urban Music.

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