Monday, 16 April 2012

Infu Electronic Press Kit

Toronto Rapper Infu's Electronic Press Kit

Got word from the homie Infu himself about his EPK. I watched it and really wanted to show some support. All I have to say is that Infu is a really down to earth dude and you could tell that he is truly dedicated in what he does. A lot of people don't really appreciate or wont really take into account up and coming artists, but we all know music is a big part of life. From watching Infu's press kit, I can see he's not just about the fame or trying to be like someone else, but that this is what he does regardless of where it gets him. Some people are just born to do certain things, for Infu it's pretty clear that being an artist on the music scene is the destiny he's made for himself. I'm just happy that things are looking good for him and that he's repping Toronto.  

If you find this interesting then:
Check out music by Infu @
Follow him on twitter @itsmeinfu
Check him out on youtube @

It’s been a pleasure sharing music of Toronto with you. Stay tuned for more blog post.

By the name of Toronto: Urban Music.

Courtesy of The Maze

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