Friday, 13 April 2012

Who is I.Q.?

I was able to speak with Toronto's own talented up and coming Producer/rap artist I.Q. to find out about his new single Marty McFly, which is off of his mix tape "10 second" and also, I wanted get him to tell you who he was. Here's what he had to say

Who is I.Q.?

Reason why I’ve chosen I.Q. was actually kind of an accident at first. I chose it originally because it was my initials and then when I was 13 I really started writing a lot as well as doing production on the computer and on the side just reading a lot about anything just giving myself as much knowledge as possible. Then a few friends and people just started calling me IQ as a joke because they saw me as a smart dude or what not and I kept that because it was also my initials. It worked out for the best. Ultimately, I ended up choosing IQ as my name mainly because it represents me in every way and it’s my initials of course lol.

I’m originally Persian but I was raised in Toronto and I love my city. The reason for me making music is because it’s my first and true love above it all. As cheesy or cliché as that may sound, it’s the truth. I’ve been beat boxing since the age of 5 and finally got to put more into music when I started playing instruments and producing on the computer and studio etc. Also, I believe sending a message through music is the key.

From the time I really started doing music which was 13 till now has been a crazy ride of ups and downs. Grinding is the word that comes in mind because I’ve been doing nothing but working hard and trying to improve my craft as a producer and rapper. I’ve worked with various artists in North America as well as internationally and have nothing but love for what I do, and I’m always looking to improve and perfect my craft.

Are there any projects you are currently working on?

Currently I’m working on a project of my own which is my mix tape “10 Seconds” and that should be out by summer time. I’ve been working on that for quite some time and have been keeping it very intimate in the sense it’s something I’ve put a lot into. To add to that, I am currently working on another project with an artist of Insomniac Music Group, who goes by the name The Maze, and he and I are working closely to get his project out. So there are a lot coming from Insomniac Family to be guys will just kind of have to be patient and wait for it to drop.  As for shows, they’ll be posted soon, I don’t have any exact dates as of yet but definitely be on the lookout for me and shows.


 Tell us about your new single Marty McFly

This new single Marty McFly actually just came from the movie back to the future lol. I was actually just in the studio and it was right after watching the movie, that I started working on this beat. At the same time I was kind of on that beastie boys tip lol, at least at the moment, so I thought to myself I want to create something very fresh and original and right now hip hop is more bubble gum. I thought to myself “you know... I’d like to do something outside the box with a different sound”. So long story short I created Marty McFly and had Maze, and Mars Paris to hop on it and we came up with a solid track.

What is your main goal as an up and coming artist here in Toronto?

My goal is to build an empire in plain simple words. To create music that others have never heard and help as many people through our music and just have a good time. I could honestly go on with reasons because it’s a long list but I’ll just say one thing and that is: Insomniac Music Group is a family of elite with minds like no others and flows like no others. We are coming to make history. Just wait and see.

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It’s been a pleasure sharing music of Toronto with you. Stay tuned for more blog post.

By the name of Toronto: Urban Music.

Courtesy of The Maze

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